Rent a Tesla offers you the most versatile Tesla rentals. Not sure yet which model is the best for you? Electromobility, the latest technology, good comfort – this is what you get when you rent a Tesla, furthermore, you´re reducing your carbon footprint. It’s a whole other feeling to drive a luxurious e-car. Experience the sense of quietness while driving down the highway.

We compared the two most popular Tesla models for you. If you are interested in buying a Tesla, this comparison will also help you to make a decision about renting an e-car is also a great option to help saving the environment. You don’t need your own car however you are still flexible to get around.

tesla model s
Sports Sedan: Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Imagine you’re driving the most innovative electric sedan. The Tesla Model S is a combination of sporty elegance and the newest technology. It’s an all-electric five-door sedan, which was first introduced in June 2012. Probably it’s also the safest and most thrilling e-car. The Tesla Model S accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds! Besides the astonishing performance, the car can reach a distance of 370 miles without charging. Due to the fact that the Model S is built like a sportscar it’s the perfect rental car for eco-minded businessman/woman who doesn´t want to miss out a superior driving experience. Features on the 17-inch tablet help you to get to your next appointment just in time. During the 15 minute recharge time for the next 130 miles, you can easily grab a coffee on the way to your next appointment.

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Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

One of the best and safest SUVs on the market. Driving the Tesla Model X feels more like flying in a spaceship. You literally glide soundlessly on the highway to your next stop –  and then take off again by accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. The Tesla Model X is probably the only environment-friendly SUV than can reach up to 305 miles without charging. Compared to the Tesla Model S the Tesla Model X is designed to maximize passenger comfort. With up to seven seats it’s perfect for a family vacation. If the second and third rows are not needed they can be folded so there is more interior cargo space.  The model X has more space than most SUVs so there is enough storage for your luggage, snowboards, skis and even bikes. In order to enhance the accessibility to the second and third row, the car incorporates so-called Falcon Wing Doors. Each door is also equipped with sensors that open smoothly. Besides that, you can travel anywhere with the Tesla Model x. There are over 14,000 superchargers placed along well-traveled routes.

But what other reasons are there to rent a Tesla rather than saving CO2? We can tell you – it’s the mix between innovation, technology and mobility.

During the last years, cars got more and more buttons, which you have to press in order to change the music, temperature or to set the navigation system. It can really distract a driver. Everything is different when you’re driving a Tesla model because every car has a 17-inch touchscreen display. This display combines all the buttons you need in other cars – FM radio, a navigation system, Bluetooth and even your internet connection. Now you might think it’s even more dangerous to get distracted. Not with these type of cars. All the cars have got a voice control and autopilot which enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically.  Unfortunately, it’s still not 100 percent legal to let your car completely drive on its own. The coolest feature is that the Tesla is basically a driving computer which is connected to the cloud. With an app, you can check where your Tesla is parked or open the sunroof. Like a phone, the car has to undergo software updates to enhance the newest features. 

All in all the Tesla e-cars are more than just cars no matter which model you decide to rent. They are the future at its best. Be a part.

Author: Rent a Tesla