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We are the leading marketplace for Tesla rentals around the world. Here is a quick guide on how to get started.

Rent a Tesla

Choose your Tesla

Just type in your location and find all available Tesla rentals near you. Choose the Model you like and get in touch.

Require booking

Get in touch with the provider to require your rental. He will need to know when you want to pick up/drop off the car, and how many kilometers/miles you will drive.

Pick up & enjoy

Once you got your confirmation, you can pick up the Tesla and enjoy your ride. At the end of your rental drop it off at the agreed place. Check our insurance options to enjoy your rental even more.

Insert Your Car


Sign up for free

Register and log in to our marketplace. You will find the option to insert your car. Follow the instructions to get your listing live. It´s free!


Answer requests

Lessees are able to contact you directly from our website. It is always up to you if you want to rent your Tesla or not. Accept inquiries and determine the price.

Earn money with your car

Hand over the keys and let your Tesla do the work. Enjoy your additional income during your leisure time. Once the rental is over, pick your car up again.

Tesla Car Sharing

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Electric driving without gas

Get in touch with the provider - no mediation

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Fast & secure payment options

Your Earnings

You decide the price

You are in complete control of your rental prices. Even though we recommend to adjust to overall market prices, you can still set your own prices.


When the rent comes to an end, you will instantly get paid. We offer PayPal for fast & secure payments, as well as credit cards.

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