About us

Since 2008 we are working every day to be the best sports car rental company in Germany & Europe. We started with our brand Motion Drive®, and expanded over the years with multiple other sports car rental services. From our own experience, the need for electronic rental (sports-)cars increased dramatically over the last few years.

That is the reason we build up rent-a-tesla – to create a sharing marketplace exclusively for Tesla cars. Not only because we´re looking back on more than 10 years of experience in the field of carsharing and car rentals, but also because we think that Tesla is without doubt the #1 electronic car manufacturer in the world (for now).

The concept of sharing fits well to the ecological purpose of electronic driven cars. We give you an easy opportunity to rent a Tesla near your place, or to offer your Tesla for sharing and earn money with it. You also contribute to the fact, that other people don´t have to take “oldschool” rental cars for their needs.

Let us all participate in the big upcoming changes in mobility. 

tesla driving interior